Ubisoft Winnipeg has teams on both Anvil and Snowdrop engine teams. Designed to be modular to fit any project, Anvil has since been used for dozens of AAA titles, from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege to Immortals Fenyx Rising. The powerful Snowdrop engine is built with the philosophy to empower creators to do things better, not bigger. Its unique node graph system makes it easy to adapt to new ideas and is a perfect canvas for anyone to add new facilities to it.


Better tools for better worlds. Build the tools that empower Ubisoft studios around the world use to build even better game worlds.


Our production teams get dedicated regular time dedicated to innovation through our Innovation Jams. We dedicate this time because Ubisoft Winnipeg’s mission is unique – create tech and tools that will empower our creators to build even better worlds.

Brainstorming at a whiteboard wall
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile


A few of the titles our studio has worked on.