Innovation is what drives us, and we’re helping the next generations cultivate the skills and innovative minds needed to sustain themselves in the industry. Here’s how we plan to invest in our future talent pipeline:

  • Foster early years STEM enthusiasm and literacy
  • Develop skills for young people in STEM-related fields
  • Increase diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM-related careers in Manitoba

We’re proud to help mould a generation of problem solvers who aren’t afraid to dream big.


Techno-Creative Industry

We at Ubisoft Winnipeg believe that our city’s growing and thriving techno-creative industry is due to the diverse independent video game developers and tech companies who came before us. We are proud to be part of this rich innovative ecosystem and believe that together we contribute to the global attention our city and our local tech industry deserve.



To improve diversity, inclusivity and equality in our industry, we want to make real change. We recognize there are unique barriers in the tech industry and we’re taking action to help address them. Through the Ubisoft Winnipeg Scholarship for Women in Computer Science and through community partnerships we’re taking the first steps toward change. Our network of strong partners in diversity continues to grow and we’re actively shifting the status quo to create an industry built on talent and passion, not circumstance.



We understand that we’re the new kid on the playground here in Winnipeg, and we couldn’t be happier. Winnipeg’s community is something to be celebrated – we’re proud to support and contribute to initiatives that benefit our community and Winnipeg as a whole.