Diversity and

Our Commitment

We believe our diversity is our strength. Ubisoft Winnipeg welcomes people from every background, race, gender, sexuality, religion and creed, and we are committed to building even better worlds in videos games, in our studio and in our community.

Employee Resource Groups

Every team member should feel that they belong. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-run communities with shared identities or experiences that come together to connect, and bring forward ideas to better support everyone in our workplace.

Ubisoft Winnipeg Mentor with Student Group

Change Beyond our Walls

Ubisoft Winnipeg x Education

We want to make change where we know it will benefit others. Ubisoft Winnipeg partners with community organizations, schools, and universities to attract, encourage and support a diverse pool of students in STEM and tech. In our first three years, we’ve engaged more than 800 students with mentorships, workshops, and talks. Every year, $5,000 in scholarships is granted to women studying Computer Science at the University of Manitoba.

Women in Tech

Nova Women in Leadership

Ubisoft Winnipeg supports leadership development through the Nova Women in Leadership program, developed specifically for women in tech and gaming. The program has been offered to post-secondary students to support future leaders.

We’re proud to have partnered with the University of Winnipeg to host the Nova: Ubisoft Winnipeg Women in Tech Summit. Researchers, educators, and community came together to understand barriers and empower women in STEM education and careers in Manitoba.

Practices & Benefits

We strive for a studio that represents the community we operate in, and policies and practices that support everyone who joins us. We regularly review hiring practices for inclusivity and conduct pay equity reviews.